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Registration Arrangements

The registration fee for the 2024/25 K1 place is HK$970. There is no application fee. Should parents decide to change schools after registration, please notify the KG  in writing. The KG will return the RC / AP if it has been provided, and the registration fee will be refunded during the month of August each year. 

Application fee: NO application fee is required.
Registration Fee: $970
Monthly fee: Free

Application for the Registration Certificate /  Admission pass for Kindergarten Admission
  1. Under the kindergarten (KG) education scheme (hereafter referred to as “Scheme”), each child who can receive education in Hong Kong will only be issued a registration document and all Scheme-KGs can only admit children holding a valid registration document.

  2. Parents are required to submit an application for the Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission (hereafter referred to as “RC”) to the EDB from September to November 2024. The RC will be open for applications in September 2024 and the EDB will announce and upload the details of application onto the EDB’s website ( in due course. Upon receipt of the applications with all necessary information and documents provided, the EDB will generally take six to eight weeks to complete processing of the applications and issue the RC to applicants who are eligible for receiving subsidy under the Scheme by post. If a child cannot obtain an RC as he/she can receive education in Hong Kong but is not eligible for receiving subsidy under Scheme 2, the EDB will then issue a Kindergarten Admission Pass (hereafter referred to as “AP”) to the child concerned for registration and admission to a Scheme-KG but the parents concerned are required to pay full school fees before deduction of subsidy under the Scheme as shown on the Fees Certificate of the KG to which the child is admitted.

Grant-KG / KCFRS available for application from the Student Finance Office WFSFAA  

Tel: +852 2944 0404

Fax: +852 2944 0404

Whatsapp: +852 55031371

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