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Head of School's Welcome

Sagarmatha Kindergarten was established in 2000 with a clear aim to provide quality education to children. Today, I am proud to say that we cater to a large population of students from over 30 different countries. English is the primary medium in which we implement instruction, but, we are mindful to the need for children to learn the local culture and language in order to seamlessly integrate within the Hong Kong society at large. To fulfill this need, we have developed a focused, robust, and evolving theme that caters to the Chinese culture, and the Cantonese language, as well.


There are many in this world who believe that pre-primary education does not hold much significance and is even unnecessary, but, nothing could be more false. It is, in my view, the most important period of learning & developing in one's life. It is the time when we form the foundation on top of which we shape and grow into the character we become, shaped by the attributes we acquire during this period. In this era of globalization, children need to develop a firm moral and ethical foundation to grow upon to realize their full potential. This is only possible through embracing cultural diversity. 


Confidence, self-control, self-trust, determination,  perseverance are attributes that we aim to instill in all our children for an enjoyable and productive future. These attributes cannot be acquired through forceful repetition and criticism. These are traits that need nurturing with care, guidance, and loving encouragement. We at Sagarmatha are mindful of this and implement it in every interaction and activity. Therefore, we offer a diverse and dynamic program that focuses on developing physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills of children.

I hope to see you and meet your lovely child one day.




Mrs. Kamala Rai

Head of School

Our Aims

Our curricula fit not only into the local stream but pairs well with the international teaching structure, where the aim lies to enable children to reach their full potential through social and cultural integration, no matter their circumstances. 


Here are our aims:


Encourage and help children to instill a positive attitude towards the acquisition of knowledge and understanding their world. 

Assist children to develop their concentration power and observational analytical, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Laying a good foundation of basic numeral knowledge.

Broaden and refine children's innate and family learned verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Support and facilitate children's efforts to identify and express their thoughts and emotions linguistically.

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