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Admission arrangements for nursery (K1) classes in KGs

2024/25 School Year

Collection of application Forms (No quota):

1. Download the application form (fillable PDF)

2. Obtain from school in person

3. Request by post

Distribution & Return of application forms:

1. Date: Whole year

2. Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Mondays to Fridays) 

               9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Saturdays)

3. Return method: Submit the application form together with the document (Including the identity document) in person/by post. Online application forms should be sent to

Please note that a child must have reached the minimum eligible age of 2 years and 8 months by  August, the start of each school year. Places are allocated according to the date of application with priority given to siblings of current & former kindergarten students.

Applicants may be invited to join a play session to ensure the child’s readiness to commence kindergarten


Admission Criteria

1. Interview performance

2. The applicant with sibling(s) studying in our KG will be given due priority consideration

Interview Arrangements

1. We will inform all applicants of the date of their respective interviews.

2. Interviews will be conducted from 1/10/2024 to 31/3/2025

3. Notification will be sent to parents separately by phone.

4. Group and/or individual interviews will be arranged.

5. Parents should accompany their child for the interview. 

Announcement of Admission Results

We will inform parents of the K1 admission results before 16 December of each year by post.



Registration Arrangements

1. Successful applicants: Parents should complete the registration procedures for their child from 5 to 7 June 2024 (Centralised Registration Dates) by submitting the RC / AP to the KG and paying the registration fee.

2. Applicants  on  the  waiting  list:  We  will  inform parents by phone and  parents should complete the registration procedures  for their child according to the specified date set by  the KG.  Parents are required to submit the RC / AP to the KG and pay the registration fee.

3. Please be reminded that if parents cannot submit the RC / AP during registration, the KG may not be able to complete registration for their child. Hence, parents are required to submit application for the registration document to the EDB within the specified period.

For a complete overview of admission arrangements for K1 classes by the EDB, please click here.

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