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In the vibrant Yuen Long District of Hong Kong SAR, Sagarmatha Kindergarten stands as a testament to the power of comprehensive early childhood education. With a philosophy deeply rooted in the belief that education should cater to the whole child, Sagarmatha Kindergarten has established itself as a leader in nurturing young minds and spirits.


Sagarmatha Kindergarten offers children an effective education that establishes students academically and socially, preparing them to knowledgeably traverse the intricacies of today's diverse world. They are educated by example, science & arts, surrounded by an immersive environment that caters to their whole being through physical and mental diligence.


Our commitment to cultural integration is evident in our curriculum, which not only aligns with local educational standards but also embraces international teaching methodologies. This dual focus prepares students for both local and global stages, instilling confidence and a sense of belonging regardless of their background.

For parents seeking an educational institution that values academic excellence, social consciousness, and cultural diversity, Sagarmatha Kindergarten is the best choice. It is an institution where children are not only prepared for the academic challenges ahead but are also equipped with the social skills and cultural sensitivity necessary for success in our interconnected world.


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